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Meet Your (Potential) New Indiana Jones!
Disney is reportedly looking to reboot the "Indiana Jones" franchise but WITHOUT Harrison Ford. They bought the rights from Paramount in 2013 and although nothing is set in stone, the studio has its sights on Chris Pratt (Who proved his leading man status in "Guardians of the Galaxy") One word: Yum....


A $5.99 Purchase Turns Into $35,000
Zachary Norris was scouring a Phoenix Goodwill for a used push golf cart when he spotted a collection of old watches. Among them was a watch with a dial that read “Le Coultre Deep Sea Alarm.” Norris, a vintage watch collector, knew the watch had to be worth significantly more than the $5.99 price tag, so he bought it and immediately brought it to an authorized Jaeger-LeCoultre retailer in Scottsdale, Arizona. The watch ended up being very valuable! It was a rare 1959 LeCoultre Deep Sea...

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